At the Physio Shack each client will receive a personalised biomechanical assessment of their injury to determine the reason behind your presenting problem. We will then provide a detailed diagnosis of your condition  so that you walk away with a good understanding of what is causing your pain or dysfunction. Treatment will then involve a personalised plan using a unique blend of manual therapy, exercise prescription and home management ideas to provide the most optimal platform for your recovery.

Manual Therapy:

  • Manual therapy involves techniques such as;IMG_9162
  •  joint mobilisation,
  • soft tissue massage,
  • neural mobilisation,
  • muscle energy techniques,
  • dry needling,
  • taping,
  • cranio-sacral therapy



Education during your session may include some of the following;

  • A full explanation of your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Biomechanical sports performance assessment and advice on how to achieve optimal performance
  • Postural assessment and corrective advice
  • Gait assessment and corrective advice
  • Dance assessment and corrective advice
  • Pain education and management advice


Exercise prescription:

  • Each clients exercise program will be individually tailored to their unique injury and rehabilitation goals. Your program may include any of the following;
  • Pilates – including core exercises to achieve optimal lumbar-pelvic control
  • Yoga
  • Functional rehabilitation strengthening or stretching exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Proprioceptive training
  • Sports specific training
  • Brain retraining exercises


Postural assessment:

  • Everyday posture
  • Sport/activity specific postural advice
  • Ergonomic postural advice